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About Us

Our Values

Keeping your sighthounds happy and healthy with our handpicked range of the finest products available. 

Supporting small businesses who create quality, unique products.

Kind to the Earth, using vegan, recyclable and biodegradable materials.

Supporting the charities that do so much for sighthounds that find themselves without homes.


My Story

I have always been a dog lover, and am lucky enough to say that my day-to-day life has been shaped by the joy and character of some truly wonderful dogs. One of which was a tiny rescue yorkie, Tilly, who had more character and zest for life in one little paw than a lot of humans have in their whole body. My constant awareness of where Tilly might have ended up, had we not rehomed her, sparked my passion for helping rescue charities. 

Whilst studying for my degree I worked with Dog's Trust photographing their residents, and this is where I met my first greyhounds. Having never owned a sighthound, I was immediately stuck by their grace and the way they looked at me with their big, gorgeous eyes, as if staring straight into my soul. Living in such a small flat at the time meant I couldn't rehome an ex-racer, which caused a lot of heartache. However, it was this heartache that set me off down a path that ended with an entirely new light in my life; Senna, my little whippet. 

I am sure that, to you, I do not have to describe the feeling of finding your furry soulmate. I saw a photo of him online, tiny and new to the world, with his little eyes squeezed closed, and within a few days I had travelled 3 hours, and he was in my hands. Since that moment he has brought immeasurable amounts of joy into our lives and inspired me to start The Sighthound Co.

In my constant search for the very best products to buy for him, I discovered a whole community of wonderful, independent brands that work tirelessly every day to create gorgeous products for dogs. The Sighthound Co aims to bring together these talented artisans to bring you the ultimate selection of hound goodies all in one place, and to celebrate such a truly unique and beautiful branch of the canine tree.